The Mid-Week Blog is back after "Taking a Break"

You can check out previous posts on my blog page.

Read my guest blog on romance writing tips.

The Chicago Writers Conference has really helped me with my writing career over the years. I was elated when they asked me to offer tips on writing my genre for their blog.


Watch my August 29th Performance at Mary's Attic with You're Being Ridiculous!

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Since September 2012, I have been blogging about my life, whether it be about writing, personal interests, or random "brain dumps" as I like to call them. I've covered Lollapalooza, Lit Fest in Chicago, writing challenges, life challenges, even the blustery Chicago weather.


I am currently working on my novel "Tame My Racing Heart." Check out my Pinterest page I've been developing for it.

You can also READ other samples of my work including excerpts from other books I'm writing, a memoir about my mom, and random "brain dumps." 


Read my short stories performed live onstage at Mary's Attic with You're Being Ridiculous. From Holidays to Heroes to Fear. You can even WATCH my past performances!