What's new here?

Read the first six chapters (a VERY rough draft) of The Girl Who Didn't Go - my Camp NaNoWriMo project from July of this year. It's based on a true event that happened in the Chicagoland area several years ago.



Check out my recent performance at Mary's Attic with You're Being Ridiculous where the topic was "Fear." The story along with video of my performance can be found HERE.



Have you caught up on my BLOG? I've covered Lollapalooza, Lit Fest, writing challenges, life challenges, music, resolutions, and more over the last two years (damn, two years already?). I think my blog has been a pretty honest portrayal of my life and how I think. 





There's also a page where you can sample some of my work (fiction, memoir and heck, I even threw in some movie reviews). I have several works in progress and anything you read HERE is usually a rough draft that hopefully, someday, will be published.