Weathering the Weather

It's just another snowy day in Chicago.  It seems like it's been snowing nonstop since well before the new year.  And as much as I love this city, the amount of snow we've gotten since December 1st is making me want to love to warmer climates.  The cold weather has been very distracting, and I lack the motivation I had back in November when I was writing over 2,000 words per day.

It's so much easier to procrastinate when it's -20 and you barely want to get out of bed, let alone open the laptop to work on a current story.

Even writing this blog, after being out of pocket with various (excuses) obligations keeping me busy, I find that every single word I type is like trying to get blood from a stone.

I need to get back into the practice of making time for my writing, there are too many stories that need to be purged from my brain.  One, in particular, I plan on making free on my site.  The idea came to me over Thanksgiving and I started writing a couple chapters in January so we'll see where it goes.  Right now it's called "The Thanksgiving Guest" and of course, it's in the Romance genre.  I will probably post a chapter as I write it.  So keep an eye out for that.  

I am in week five of a creative writing class at Story Studio.  I love (re)learning the elements of story.  I am the biggest dork in class too, always anxious to participate and share.  I don't think I had attendance this perfect when I was in high school or college.  I'm anxious to look at work I've done in a new light thanks to this class.

Until then, I'm gonna hibernate like a bear in winter.  Just me, the hubby, the dogs and season 2 of House of Cards.