Mid-Week Blog: Bookmarked Favorites (#1)

Join me as I embark on this new blog series. Even if you're not a writer, feel free to read it for the entertainment value (if there is any, LOL). And, please, share it with the writers in your life. My goal is to write a bi-weekly blog, because, you know, I have nothing else on my plate (LMAO). Let's see how long it lasts.

Reality Bites

While I'm too young to remember the show Dragnet, "the story you are about to hear is true, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent" can still be found as a common disclaimer when real life infringes into a story being told.

Daddy's Girl

In celebration of Father's Day, I thought I'd re-run this story about my dad. I originally performed it at Mary's Attic with the group "You're Being Ridiculous" and while I may have embellished on some of the details, a lot of what you'll read is true. So, here's to my dad on Father's Day.

What I Learned at Lit Fest

Over the weekend, in a neighborhood that was once the bookmaking hub of Chicago, the Printer's Row Lit Fest kicked off. Booksellers, publishers, authors, and literary/cultural organizations gathered under tents while panels and speakers presented within the confines of the Harold Washington Library and Jones Prep College on Saturday and Sunday.