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No Shame for this Hallmark Movie Watcher

Hello my name is Kelly and I’m a holiday movie junkie.

Although, the holidays may be over, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy them. Whether it’s the Hallmark Channel or Netflix, you can still to get your seasonal movie fix. I should know, I’m obsessed.


This addiction started last year. I was diligently typing away on my laptop, writing my novel as I tend to do. I love writing romance—scratch that, I love writing dialogue between two people who spending more time bantering than realizing just how right they are for one another. I had noticed some friends post on social media that they watch Hallmark movies, especially at Christmas time, when the Hallmark channel seems to overflow with holiday cheer. I took a writing break, picked one, and decided to see what all the chatter was about…and got sucked in.

They’re not all winners. What’s the phrase—you have to kiss a lot of frogs?

For example, I just finished The Mistletoe Inn with David Alpay (from Vampire Diaries fame, who I also saw in person at a TVD convention) and Alicia Witt (who is one of those actresses I know from somewhere, I just can’t recall where, unless I pull up IMDB—oh, wait, she was in Nashville and Justified, I totally know her). I adored this movie. It’s all about a writer struggling with her career who goes to a conference where she meets Zeke, another struggling writer. Plus there are lights, mistletoe and decorated trees that make for a nice setting. Antics ensue. Love conquers all.

It spoke to me.

And yes, it may be a bit trite, but that’s really what it’s NOT about.

Politics, global warming, health issues, aging parents, making ends meet, laundry, aches and pains, what to make for dinner, or any other large/small stressful events we face—these movies give us a break from life, even if some of them are so formulaic, I might have to take a crack at writing one.

I recently read A Hallmark Christmas Fan Watches Netflex’s Holiday Movies in the NY Times by Kaly Soto. She explains it perfectly, “No one watched these movies for the acting or the plots, which are usually pretty bad. You are watching them for Christmas spirit.”

I did a majority of my shopping online while watching these movies. I hate sounding like a Scrooge but it was uniquely blissful not having to manage dealing with crowds of people who seem to have no semblance of personal space. When I did go out in the world to experience the joyous parts of the season, I didn’t feel the insanity of it all bearing down on me. I felt peace.

Now, I really don’t think it matters what you believe. Whether it’s the religious aspect of the holiday, the guy in the red suit, or the well-deserved time off. There’s something about the end of the year. I believe it it’s the magic of the season. A magic that is sometimes hinted at, or thrown with the force of a winter snowstorm, in these sappy, silly and sometimes wonderful movies.

These movies are an escape. Don’t knock them until you try them. Because isn’t life stressful enough?

Kelly Duff