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Go with the flow by disrupting the status quo


Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

I propose we take that one step further.

Doing the same thing over and over again absolutely will get the same results, and that will kill your culture.

In the next few years, the majority of our workforce will be millennials.

Say what you want about the younger generation—the reality is we must shift our perspective and opinions, change the way we do business, and create dynamic environments that attract and retain employees.

Otherwise, we’re screwed.

There are companies out there who get it. They focus on not only the space plan and technology, they also offer amenities, experiences and development opportunities that make their workplace desirable.

The obvious examples are Facebook and Google, but even smaller organizations are following these leaders.

Many companies now offer free fitness centers, onsite child care, car wash services, spa treatments, meditation rooms, libraries, game rooms, catered meals, and more.

Although these would be called perks, it actually creates value for the company.

An employee who’s excited to come to work every day because they can take advantage of amenities such as a gym or can grab a free snack whenever they want, will be more productive, energized and loyal to the company.

I often hear the excuse “it costs too much money to feed people,” and to that I say, you can’t afford not to feed them, or offer opportunities for employees to focus on their well-being or growth and development. And you can’t afford not to stay in parity with what other companies are doing. If an employee isn’t happy, not only will their productivity decrease, they’ll simply leave to work for a company that will give them what they need.


Meanwhile, companies are highly focused on retention.

Think about how much money you spend trying to find the right candidate. What if you didn’t have to keep allocating budgets for recruitment because you created an awesome place to work where people not only stay, they invite their friends to work there too.

We cannot keep doing what we’ve always been doing. Times are changing, along with an employee’s expectation of their workplace. Disrupt that comfort zone you’ve been in for the last two decades.

I’ve seen what it can do.

Kelly DuffComment