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Oct 7, 2012

"It's Monday, the week is just starting, I'll write Tuesday."

"It's almost the weekend, the week has been long so I will use Sunday as a day to write."

"Gawd, it's Sunday, who wants to do anything on a Sunday.  Plus I have to work tomorrow."

These are just some of the things that run through my head when I know I should be writing.  I know the novel, the memoir, even this blog won't write itself.  I need my ass in the seat, my fingers on the keys.  I should be finishing the story.  You can't change your status from writer to author until you've finished something.  I mean, here I am finally sitting down to work on something and I think well, if I blog, that's technically writing, so maybe that's enough.

I am curious about the chance to read something live in front of an audience.  Maybe not the novel.  I don't really know if it would work.  I need to start attending live reads and get a feel for them.  Only been to one.  Really enjoyed it.  Also really felt "those people are so much better than me".  But I think all writers feel that way.  All artists in fact think that way.  

Today I was painting a pumpkin for Halloween and thought wow, I really enjoy this but I kinda suck at it.  I am trying to make it look like a Day of the Dead Skull.  I am absolutely obsessed with Day of the Dead right now.  I have always loved skulls too.  Lately I've been giving in to skulls.  Bought a skull ring, couple necklaces, shirts.  I think I held back on wearing anything with a skull on it because I felt no self-respecting girl wears anything with a skull on it to work or out in public.  That's just dumb for me to think that.  I love skulls, love the artwork I've been researching.

I should really embrace my love of skulls and start wearing them.  I should really embrace my love of writing and just do it consistently.

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