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Oct 9, 2012

My last entry talked about how I love to procrastinate.  So today when I decided I wanted to get more involved in writing groups, I sent a few emails, did some searches, and before I even received any sort of answer from anyone, I created my own damn group.  

But that’s me.  I bulldoze my way into situations without thinking, without taking a beat and thinking “how can I do this the right way” instead of doing it RIGHT NOW!  I’ve never been a very patient gal.  I don’t like things to be explained, just make them work, the way I want, NOW.

I remember back in college, I had the opportunity to interview the band The Pursuit of Happiness.  They sang that great (and at this point in my life poignant) song called “I’m an Adult Now”.  That day I recorded the interview then immediately went on my college radio show airing it in between their songs.  

Our advisor said “well hey, that’s great but you know we could have promoted it, made drops for it to play and maybe done a giveaway” which would have (maybe) increased listenership of my show (other than my mom) and been an opportunity to get the other departments involved.

So today, I started this writer’s group on Facebook because I just can’t wait for anything.  It’s an attempt to get people like me, the ones who work all day, go home and have work waiting for them there too like laundry, dinner, the dogs (kids), all the things I need to get done (and maybe an episode of my favorite new show) before I can even think about sitting down to focus on writing.  And that works for me, I’m a better late night writer as my husband can attest when he comes upstairs from the basement finding me at the kitchen table at 1am on a Sunday.  I’m usually losing consciousness by 9pm these days.  And I don’t want to go out to have to experience this dynamic.  Can’t we just all skype or something?  Open a chat room?  Send each other documents or read them aloud and then everyone can give their thoughts or share tips?

Meanwhile, I spent the better part of the day skimming old emails from subscriptions I have from various writers websites.  That’s the procrastinator in me.  Read about how to do it.  No, just freakin’ do it!  That’s what needs to happen.  Not me sitting around researching critique groups or how to create believable characters when I don’t have a finished manuscript.  I even considered buying a desk today, making a place in the house where I can go and focus on my writing.  I got rid of the previous desk because I had a laptop.  “I can work anywhere!  We don’t need no stinking desks!”  Yeah how’d that work out?  Plus a desk is just another place for me to sit and do things other than write.

So here is the plan.  FIRST!  Start being impatient about finishing the novel.  See what the response is to getting people involved in the online group for some critiquing.  Then publish.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

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