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Nov 4, 2012

I'm the type of dork that sets up her workspace with all the things she thinks she's gonna need for an upcoming project that borders on superstitious.  You know, things I think I'll need for writing like notebooks, reference books, my power cord.  Then there's the things I feel like I must have at arms length in order for it to be a successful writing session, like hand cream, nail polish, and apparently the latest issues of Allure, Lucky and Glamour.  Oh, and the dog's leash, the entire series of 21 Jumpstreet on DVD, and a statue of a cardinal I painted a couple weeks ago.  Because the cardinal embodies the spirit of my mom.

No, really it's true.  My mom loved cardinals as we were growing up, and around the time she died, we kept seeing a lot of cardinals.  It seems like we've been getting more than our usual cardinal fill over the last twelve years.  So the saying is, when we see a cardinal, it's Patty visiting us.  Creepy right.  Yeah, that's us.  Weirdos.

So this cardinal sits on the kitchen table, where I have decided to set up my desk since A.) we don't eat at the kitchen table (ever), B.) it gives me a lot of space on which to house these crazy items of need, and C.) I have a nice view of our backyard where at any moment a deer, coyote, or neighbor may appear and do something entertaining.

So for the next 27 days, I will write up to (and hopefully over) 50,000 words of a story that's been brewing in my head for some time now.  Main male character looks a lot like Cillian Murphy if that helps anyone.  The other male character looks like Jude Law...the good looking Jude Law not the hasn't-showered-in-days-and-looks-old Jude Law.  The Jude Law in Alfie.  And if you haven't seen Alfie, do.  Especially you men out there.  It's good for ya.

Other than the hunky leads, I'm not ready to say much more than that, but I am excited because I feel like I am actually doing some pretty good writing.  It seems to be flowing at a pretty decent clip out of my fingers which incidentally are cramping up.  My (look out, medical terminology ahead) cervical herniated disk hates me right now.  But that all said, it might be a while before I get to add much to the Bloggy or the Mom Project for at least the next 30 days or so.  Gotta focus on the words in the story.  But who knows, I may take a mini-vacation every now and then, rearrange the desk so that everything is OCD-approved, and blog a bit.

Until then, insert witty saying here.

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