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Heading to the CWC

Sept 13, 2012

I had fully intended to have my novel in finished form, bound in hard cover for this weekend.  But seeing as I am only half done, maybe next year.  Tomorrow I am heading to the Chicago Writers Conference.  Funny enough, it's being held at the Tribune Tower where I used to work.  Maybe I'll go visit my old desk.  I still have quite a few friends there so who knows who I'll run into.  The biggest thrill will be to immerse myself into the world of writing and publishing.  Something I should have done twenty years ago.  Who knows how many novels I could have finished by now.  

I remember the first story I ever wrote.  My dad brought home Pink Floyd's The Wall.  I was eight years old.  I would lay on the floor in front of the stereo in our family room, put the vinyl on the turn table, lay out the album cover looking at the artwork inside while trying to decipher exactly what exactly Roger and the band was singing about.  I immediately started to write a story and had planned on using The Wall as my story's soundtrack.  I had intended to have certain classmates act out the story.  I remember my mother telling me the subject matter of the album was too adult to bring into my Catholic fourth grade classroom.  

I eventually figured out the stories behind The Wall.  Over thirty years later, I still hear something new with every listen.  I find I can't just listen to one song.  I have to play it start to finish.

Back to the Chicago Writers Conference.  There will be authors, agents, bloggers and publishers.  I am excited to hear what everyone has to say.  I even made business cards to promote this website.  I have no shame.  But I also have no finished novel to share.  But someday...

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