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Sept 22, 2012

I'm probably not the first to have this epiphany but often I find myself astounded by the level of douche out in the world.  Last night we went to the grand opening of Pinstripes in Oak Brook.  Now you would think, the first thing that would run through my head would be "okay, it's Oak Brook, home of the entitled" (and before y'all get snippy with me, I happen to love Oak Brook, especially Nordstrom).  You would think I would have known what I was going to walk into when we stepped into the glossy new digs of Pinstripes - a fancy bowling alley, bocce ball, food joint that is basically a Dave & Busters for the rich minus the video games.  But alas, I only had one thing on my mind...fig pizza.  I love their fig pizza, but sad to say, there wasn't any to sample.  We will probably go back for it some day despite my realization of who exactly will be hanging out at this place.  It's like John Barleycorn threw up in Oak Brook.  Say hello to the all-American douche.

I know it's cliche to use the word douche lately, but it really fits.  I just don't understand these people who walk around in their Affliction shirts or ridiculously high heels.  I don't gel with these folks.  Maybe I'm getting old.  I've just noticed this cartoon character is, well, just about everywhere these days.  Maybe I'm too midwest to understand.  It just seems there are people out there who are, well, douchy.  It's the guy standing next to me at a concert, during the performance, talking to his buddy really loud about something I could give a shit about because I'm there to see the show.  It's the gal who is hobbling around in her crazy high heels, with her big bag, knocking into me as if I were invisible.  I just don't understand the world today I guess.  

It's...arrogance.  Arrogance at a level that's confounding because actually people, you ain't all that.  There, I said it!

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