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Sept 29, 2012

"I once thought I had mono for an entire year.  It turns out I was just really bored."

I have no ambition, no motivation and my muse has gone missing for about a week now.  I find getting through some of my favorite shows is a chore and all I want to do is sleep.  Even typing these words seems tedious and a bit forced.  I came off of the Chicago Writers Conference on such a high, even had a few epiphanies with the novel I'm writing and now, I'm feeling burned out and uninspired.

I am almost afraid to sit down to work on the novel.  I even considered working on one of the others I have started just for a change of pace but I am so close to finishing the damn thing I'm working on.  So instead I check the DVR and see what shows it's recorded, and end up dozing on the couch.  

I need a swift kick in the butt.  I need to go to a reading or connect with someone who's published but mostly I need to (hate using the Nike slogan thanks to them signing Michael Vick but...) just do it!  

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