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Forever incomplete...

Feb 23, 2013

One of my favorite song's is Alanis Morissette's "Incomplete".  (The link is an acoustic version of the song.)  The words are very poignant.  Watching her sing, I have to give kudos to Kevin Smith for choosing her to play God in "Dogma"

She sings about always running to a finish line and how we should just enjoy the journey, so to speak.  

I've definitely enjoyed the journey of finishing my first novel.  I know, it's hard to believe it's my first since I have been blogging, posting, talking incessantly about writing.  Let me be clear, this is NOT the first time I've written a book.  It's the first time I've FINISHED one.  There are several queued up to work on next, believe me!

But...this is just a first draft.  I don't think I can fully celebrate until I add in much more scenery, much more emotion, change the main character's attitude at the beginning so you can see her transformation over the course of the story, maybe add a few more scenes (53 scenes as it stands, but there were others I had outlined so we'll see if I can incorporate).

There's a lot to be done.  It's hard to end it.  I want the characters to keep going, like a soap opera, but I think it would get tedious and boring for the reader.  But if I want for more, hopefully readers will too.

So back at it, done but not done.  Forever incomplete.  Enjoying the chance to work with these characters again, but this time with feeling.

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