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So I'm turning 43 this week.  As usual, I must state that my head and my heart are still stuck somewhere between my teens and early twenties.  I still love cartoons/pixar movies, I still believe Pez is a food group and on occasion I play video games (although lately I've been too busy writing).  We just spent the last two weekends seeing KMFDM and Local H and I bought 3-day passes for Lollapalooza.  

The only difference now is the amount of stamina we have to stay up late.  I write this and it's after 10pm on a Monday and I am already having anxiety about not getting to bed on time.  I don't know how people with kids do it.  Do you just give up everything?  I mean, I see our neighbors lights go off at 8pm and I think, crap, I'm just getting to work on "the novel", I want to read at least one chapter of Gone Girl and watch the last episode of Nashville and these folks are already in bed?  

I will admit, I am really selective about what time we start movies these days or if the concert we're going to see has seats or is on a weekday.  Last year for Lolla we bought these really cool stadium seats so we could sit on the lawn for three days and not kill our backs.  Best.  Money.  Spent.  Ever.

It gets harder to keep up with the child in your mind.  But it is totally worth it.  Now it's off to bed or I'll have to ground myself tomorrow.

See, this is what you young whippersnappers have to look forward to.  

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