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Wow, have I been slacking?  No blog for two weeks?  Shame on me.

Well, in my defense, I have been busy.  I am 14 chapters away from round one revisions on the "completed" novel.  

The novel has no name right now because I'm struggling with it much as my sister is struggling with the daunting task of naming her second child.  Like her, I say a name and instantly puke all over it because it just doesn't feel right.

In the romance world, titles seem so cornball, and while my novel could be considered a contemporary romance, I'm not about to give it a name that screams "love with a side of love."  Because the story isn't about love.  I mean, eventually people fall in love.  But it's the journey to love that fills the pages.  The female character is not purposely looking to fall in love with the broody male character, in fact, she is trying not to.  A relationship with him would definitely put her in a bad way with her family.  And she has other issues to contend with - things happened that brought her to where she is when the story starts.  She wants to find new purpose in her life.  Love isn't really on the agenda.

So when trying to find a name for this book, I brainstormed a few ideas.  I wrote down key themes, ideas, objects, names, places - and came up with?  Zilch!  

I have been known to use song titles.  The female lead is a photographer so maybe The Cure's "Pictures of You" would be appropriate here but again, just not feeling it.  I want it catchy, and honestly it's not all about her job.  The male lead is a rock star, so maybe "Rock Star" by Nickelback...whoa what the hell am I thinking?  This is a No Nickelback website people!  It takes place in London, I could play tribute to The Clash and call it "London Calling."  But again, I say "Meh."

The two other stories I'm working on had names before I even wrote a word.  "The Girl Who Didn't Go" and "Beyond Belief", now those are names I can live with.  They make sense to me.  They fit.  I knew when I started writing them the titles were right.

Your novel is like your child.  You nurture it, you want it to be the best.  You don't want it to be common.  It's not just another book just like it's not just another child you've brought into the world.  You want it to stand out and stand up on its own.

So until the day comes that I find the right title, I'll continue to revise.  And cross my fingers.  Hey...now that might look nice on a book jacket:  Cross Your Fingers by Kelly Duff.  Hmmmm.

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