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Marching into Spring with a New Project

Last blog, I wrote about having trouble getting back into the writing swing of things. Despite the class I am taking, I was finding it hard to sit down and work. I mentioned something I started writing around Thanksgiving that I was considering posting on my site one chapter at a time.

Well! All that had changed, my friends. Not only will I start posting chapters as I write them, I am going to post several chapters from several stories I have worked on over the years. A weekly story bog, that follows these characters through their lives much like a soap opera. Right now I have three "couples" I am working on. Their common denominator is location: Chicago. 

There are three main female characters (a stylist, a photographer, and a novelist) along with three main male characters (a wrestler, an online gossip magazine editor, and a rock musician).

Two stories are new and the third is a prequel to a book I have already written. Over time, I may add more people but for now, the three weekly vignettes I will post, are enough to keep me busy. And that was my goal. Write every day, or regularly enough.

I have been truly inspired again, thinking of scenes as I drive to and from work (my best ideas usually happen in the car) and how I can weave all of the stories together. I've spent most of the last five days writing scenes and creating a folder of pictures for my Pinterest page to help the reader see what I'm seeing. 


So...off to be creative. Something I truly must do, it's a lot like breathing.

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