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Spring Ahead, Step Back

I've jinxed myself (as usual). Admittedly, the first three episodes (of crap, lol) I've written for the story blog "Love, Chicago" were all written well in advance when the words were coming out faster than I could type.

And now...well. It's Saturday morning and I'm finding it a helluva lot easier to blog about procrastinating and having writer's block than it is to work on the fourth episode. So my little story blog is gonna take a time out.

I use the phrase writer's block loosely. I never have writer's block, my brain won't turn off when it comes to writing scenes. Putting those scenes together as a story is where I have issues. Connecting the dots and making it all make sense, that's the rub. 

So brief hiatus it is. Back to work so it's ready for next weekend.


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