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Twitter Made Me Do It


I made an offhand comment earlier this evening about about hitting 1,000 Twitter followers and how I should give something away for reaching that milestone. 

Well, I've been dying to release the first "edited" chapter of a novel I am working on - Beyond Belief - that I started in November 2012. It will be the only chapter I release until I finish the edits and publish it. Some of you may have read it before, it's been tweaked a bit, and I welcome your reviews at kelly@kellyduffwrites.com.

So...here's my gift to you. It may be an ugly Christmas sweater but for me, it's the result of sitting in a room alone for hours on end, thinking up stories (about hot men) and writing them down. It may be complete crap but I enjoy the process and what's that phrase--"do what you love"...so I write. Thanks in advance.

Click the link below...

Chapter One - Beyond Belief


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