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2019...Are You Ready for Me?


I am a writer.

Scratch that.

I am an author.

Someone said so, so it must be true. But I have imposter syndrome and won’t own the title until I see my actual name on a hard-cover or e-book, so I always JUST say I’m a writer.

Luckily, I will realize my published dreams in 2019 as part of an anthology that’s coming out (more to come on that). Maybe then, I’ll accept my “author” title.

Until then, I write.

I write a lot.

I guess this can be considered writing, but it’s more like end of year brain purging, or new year’s resolution prepping. The personal blog. The one where I spout out challenges or give tips or share my work.

You see, I have to write. It’s in my blood. I know this because I have the current binder for my latest novel sitting on the counter next to me and I’m excited to dive back in. And there are these other stories I have that are half-written or just ideas jotted down for future novels.

I don’t expect to be a best seller, or to make money, quit my job and live on an island from the royalties. But I do plan on writing more by managing my time better so that I can get more work out there—maybe even a published novel.


To paraphrase “The Mistletoe Inn” (Hallmark 2017), writing isn’t about being discovered, it’s about self-discovery and being lucky enough to have people who want to read about it.

Or something like that.

All I know is I can’t stop writing and I’m finding interest in many other outlets.

So, in 2019, I plan on taking it to the next level.

In 2019, I will unveil my new company that is all about writing. It will include blogging, copywriting, song writing, publishing, and more. It’ll take some time to ramp up, but we’ll get there.

I’m already creating a sample portfolio and I’m excited to share new content.

There will be more writing in 2019, I promise.

Happy Holidays, and thanks for reading my stuff.


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